Angepinnt Renegade MY20 - What´s new

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    • Renegade MY20 - What´s new

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      • New Global Telematics Box Module now standard on all models (late availability)
      • Kenwood premium audio nine-speaker system (late availability)

      Ob die Telematik-Box auch in Europa kommt, müssen wir mal abwarten.

      Mein Compass: Trailhawk 4xe MY20

    • Info zur neuen Telematik Box 2.0

      FCA schrieb:

      SUBJECT: UConnect Box/Telematic Box Module 2.0

      MODELS: 2020 (BV) Jeep Renegade

      NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the folowing markets/countries: EMEA.

      Starting from Renegade Jeep Model Year 2020, the vehicles may be equipped (on request, whereapplicable) with the new Uconnect Box system, which allows the customer to be supported in theevent of an accident (emergency - SOS) or malfunction of the car (roadside assistance - ASSIST).The new system, technically called TBM 2.0 (Telematic Box Module 2.0), complies with theEuropean Community requirement to introduce a system capable of contacting an emergencynumber and/or assistance automatically or manually on new vehicles.The system, designed by FCA, allows constant access to a range of services which may be eitherincluded or optional.

      NOTE: The services are not available for vehicles equipped with 5" radio.


      •BASIC: Included in the price of the car and immediately usable by the user without having todo anything else.

      •STANDARD: Included in the price of the car, need to be pre-activated by the dealer and thenactivated by the user through online registration

      Not included in the price of the car, these services can be purchased at a later date and requireactivation by the user through online registration (web portal).

      NOTE: The Customer Care service can help and support the customer also during registration.

      Telematic Box Module 2.0
      The TBM 2.0 is installed on the vehicle at the factory and is equipped with a GPS module, anintegrated virtual SIM card and a Back-up Battery (BuB).On MY20 and earlier vehicles, already on the road (e.g. Renegade MY20), the emergency call(SOS) will be picked up by a private call centre. On newly type-approved vehicles and on some models starting from MY21, the SOS call will bepicked up by the national public emergency number. The call to the emergency or service numbers can be made:

      The emergency call (SOS) or service (ASSIST) is initiated when the device detects a major crash ora malfunction of the braking system, fuel system, engine, etc.
      NOTE: The ASSIST automatic call function will be available in the future is but will notpresent at the launch of the system TBM 2.0.

      Press the SOS or ASSIST buttons.
      NOTE: According to the models/versions, the call can be made manually by pressing abutton or by selecting a specific icon on the radio display.

      Emergency call (SOS) - Manual mode

      If necessary, hold the SOS call button or the SOS icon on the radio display pressed for about 2seconds. The LED on the SOS button located on the ceiling light will turn green once connected toan SOS operator and will turn off when the connection is ended. Once the connection has been established, the following data will be automatically transmitted tothe Operations Centre, as authorised by the customer:

      •Indication that the occupant has made an SOS call;

      •The brand of the vehicle;

      •The most recent known GPS coordinates of the vehicle.

      If you are able to speak to the operator, do so through the car audio to provide additionalinformation about the request for help.If the system is unable to establish the voice call, or the line disconnects due to insufficient coverage, the SOS service will try to call the operational centre again for 5 minutes. If the Operations Centre needs to get in touch with the vehicle again, the system may receive anincoming call which will be automatically accepted.

      NOTE: If the SOS call button is pressed by mistake, it is possible to press it again within 10seconds to cancel the operation or press the cancel button on the display of theradio. After 10 seconds it will no longer be possible to stop the emergency call fromthe car; the operator will close the call on call centre side.

      Service Call (ASSIST) - Manual Mode

      By pressing the ASSIST button or the Assist icon on the radio display, you can make a call to oneor more of the following services:

      Roadside assistance. In case of need, a connection will be established with the roadside assistance authority which willreceive the vehicle type and its position directly.

      NOTE: If the vehicle is not covered by the service, additional roadside assistance charges may apply.

      Customer care:

      Customer care service (for versions/markets, where provided) to support all vehicle problems.

      The LED on the ASSIST button (for versions/markets, where provided) located on the ceiling lightwill turn green once connected to an operator and will turn off when the connection is ended.

      NOTE: If the ASSIST call button (in the models, where provided) is pressed by mistake, thecall can be ended by pressing the same button again or by pressing the cancelbutton on the radio system display.

      Once the connection has been established, the following data will be automatically transmitted, asauthorised by the subscriber:

      •Indication that the occupant has made an ASSIST call

      •The brand of the vehicle

      •The most recent known GPS coordinates of the vehicle

      •The type of error that occurred on the vehicle that automatically sent the ASSIST request (inthe case of an automatic call - function to be implemented in the future, not present uponlaunch).

      NOTE: Geolocation mode can only be deactivated for some functions such as(find vehicle(and(driving alerts(. In case of an emergency, the car will always be tracked to sendrescue.

      The call will be made through the sound system of the vehicle to provide additional information onthe request for assistance.If the system is unable to establish the voice call, or the line disconnects due to insufficientcoverage, the ASSIST service will try to call the operational centre again for certain number oftimes.

      TBM 2.0 - Features The TBM 2.0 has the following internal components:

      •A device for accessing the mobile network

      •A GPS device (GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System)

      •An integrated internal mobile phone aerial

      •A backup battery (BuB)

      The TBM 2.0 must be connected to:

      •An external positioning aerial.

      •A microphone of the vehicle.

      •A remote speaker.

      •The CAN (according to the architecture of the vehicle).

      •The ORC/Airbag (Occupant Restrain Controller) module for automatic crash detection.

      Mein Compass: Trailhawk 4xe MY20

    • FranklinFlyer schrieb:

      dass das neue Uconnect
      Da war der Händler seiner Zeit aber etwas voraus, denn das ist leider noch Zukunftmusik. Er hat wahrscheinlich das hier gemeint:

      FCA wählt HARMAN (Samsung) und Google als Partner für neues digitales Ökosystem von Fahrzeugen

      Die neue Telematik Box 2.0 ist wie sein Vorgänger nur sein separates Modul, das neben dem bestehenden uConnect arbeitet. Sieht dann so aus:

      Mein Compass: Trailhawk 4xe MY20

    • Moin moin,
      hier mal nen Foto von den Ösen... mein freundlicher hat mir dafür knapp 40 Kracher abgeköppt.... :1f62c:
      • 0B1F14C3-AD18-40B8-B9A2-BBA4630A7DB9.jpeg

        166,74 kB, 640×480, 56 mal angesehen
      • 031E50CF-A879-4CF7-9808-40E8012DB7E0.jpeg

        166,12 kB, 640×480, 57 mal angesehen

      Mein Renegade: Jeep Renegade Limited 1.3 T GDI MY20 4x4