Angepinnt Compass MY20 Made in Italy - What's New

  • Compass MY20 Made in Italy - What's New

    Produktion seit März 2020, werden zwar noch nirgends direkt angeboten, aber erste News sickern durch:

    - Seltsame Motorenauswahl
    • 1,3 Turbo 130 PS
    • 1,3 Turbo 150 PS
    • 1,6 Eco-Diesel 120 PS
    - Tank verkleinert von 60 Liter auf 55 Liter

    - Neuerungen am Uconnect
    • Uconnect Services Box
    • Kartenupdates über Map Care 3 Jahre kostenlos
    • Systemupdates over the Air (OTA)

    Fortsetzung folgt....
  • Wenn das mit den Kartenupdates dann wirklich so kommt, wäre das ja endlich mal eine Verbesserung und entspräche den Kundenrückmeldungen/- Wünschen.

    Die Motorenauswahl ist allerdings sehr komisch...
    Ich hoffe das sind nur Ergänzungen und soll nicht die bisherige Auswahl ersetzen (das wär ja völlig daneben...).
    Wer sich nicht schmutzig macht, ist nicht ganz sauber ;) :thumbsup: .

    Mein Wrangler: JLU Sahara/ Overland MY 20, 2 L Benziner, T-GDI, Vollausstattung, matt schwarz foliert, SkyOne, AHK, BFG KO2 285/70 r17 auf Bawarrions; Meine Ex Jeeps: Compass Trailhawk MY 19; Renegade Limited MY15

  • 4WD schrieb:

    Ich hoffe das sind nur Ergänzungen und soll nicht die bisherige Auswahl ersetzen
    Ich fürchte doch. Auch findet sich in den Unterlagen kein einziges Mal das Wort Allradantrieb. Das würde sich mit anderen Gerüchten decken, die mir zugetragen wurden: Die Hybriden sollen die zentale Rolle beim Compass einnehmen, alles andere wird sukzessive verschwinden. Was wir hier sehen, wird wohl der Anfang davon sein.
  • Oha, in dieser Konfiguration (Motorenauswahl und dann noch ohne Allrad) wäre das für mich sicher keine Option mehr :thumbdown: .

    Da käme es dann für mich auf jeden Fall darauf an, wie die Hybriden aufgestellt sind und sich dann im Alltag und insbesondere die Trailhawks im Gelände bewähren.

    Wenn sie das gut abgestimmt und in der Funktion zuverlässig und alltagstauglich hinbekommen, könnte es eine gute Alternative sein.
    Aber die oben so genannten Optionen können doch nur zum "Abschrecken" gedacht sein, damit die Leute auf die Hybriden umschwenken.
    Wer sich nicht schmutzig macht, ist nicht ganz sauber ;) :thumbsup: .

    Mein Wrangler: JLU Sahara/ Overland MY 20, 2 L Benziner, T-GDI, Vollausstattung, matt schwarz foliert, SkyOne, AHK, BFG KO2 285/70 r17 auf Bawarrions; Meine Ex Jeeps: Compass Trailhawk MY 19; Renegade Limited MY15

  • Das sieht für mich auch so aus. Den 1,6er Diesel und leistungsschwächere 1,4er Benziner jeweils ohne Allrad gab es ja bisher auch schon. Diesen "Low-Price"-Markt will man wohl voerst noch weiter bedienen, alle anderen werden zum Hybriden gedrängt. Die Strategie ist nicht zu übersehen.
  • Orders are open for the new Jeep® Compass, now more technologically advanced and connected

    FCA Italy schrieb:

    • Jeep :00ae: dealerships are now taking orders for the new Jeep Compass, built in Italy for the European market.
    • The new model has been updated to offer more technological content, connectivity and efficiency.
    • Jeep Compass debuts a new 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine with two power outputs (130 hp or 150 hp), which maximizes fuel-efficiency and ensures lower CO2 emissions and outstanding performance both on- and off-road.
    • For the first time, Compass also features a front-wheel drive configuration mated to an automatic Dual Dry Clutch Transmission (DDCT) and a new ’Sport‘ driving mode.
    • Uconnect Services for advanced onboard and off-board connectivity are new to the Jeep Compass, and become part of the standard configuration starting from Longitude trim.
    • Six new wheels, five new exterior colors, a re-designed tonneau cover and further product improvements give a refreshed character and look to the Jeep Compass.
    • The commercial launch in Europe will start in June.
    • The new Jeep Compass built in Melfi benefits from shorter lead times and more build-to-order opportunities for European dealers and customers, therefore maximizing its commercial flexibility.
    Orders are now open for the Jeep :00ae: Compass, built at the FCA Melfi plant in Italy for the European market.
    The new model is now manufactured in Italy, allowing Jeep to guarantee an average delivery time from the factory of approximately three weeks, while offering a variety of advanced user-friendly technologies that ensure a more efficient, comfortable and connected everyday driving experience.
    The growing success of the model, initially produced for Europe at FCA Toluca plant in Mexico, made it possible to bring production, including that of the new 4xe version featuring plug-in hybrid electric technology, directly to Italy. This marks a further step in the implementation of FCA’s 5 billion Euro investment plan for Italy, and in the brand’s continuous evolution, while also highlighting both the technological innovation and excellence of the Italian factory, one of the most innovative in the world.
    The Jeep Compass produced at the FCA Melfi Plant will be powered by a new 1.3-litre petrol engine delivering 130 hp or 150 hp, ensuring customers a smooth and comfortable driving experience, or alternatively by an updated version of the 120 hp 1.6-litre MultiJet II diesel engine with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). New features include the new Uconnect Services for improved onboard and off-board connectivity, new styling cues such as six different wheel designs (one specific for each trim and exclusive 19-inch Gloss Black wheels for the Night Eagle model) and a new color palette with five new exterior paints: Ivory Tri-Coat, Colorado Red, Blue Italia, Blue Shade and Techno Green Metallic – all of which can be offered in combination with a black roof. The new tonneau cover is also available on all versions.
    With a view to the continuous improvement of the Jeep line-up the dynamic characteristics of Compass have been further refined, bringing it even more in line with the expectations of European customers. Handling of the Compass made in Melfi is enhanced thanks to the new tuning of the steering system, aimed at improving its lightness and progressiveness, and targeted interventions on the suspension system. These include the addition of shock absorbers with FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) valves, to limit movements in the vehicle’s body, without affecting comfort in tackling rough roads. The new Compass offers more precision when cornering at high speed, ensuring less roll and pitch, and more braking stability. Most of all, the driver experiences a more flexible and precise on road behavior, especially noticeable on meandering routes.
    The Jeep Compass made in Melfi will be arriving in European dealerships in June, with a full line-up of four trim levels – Longitude, Night Eagle, Limited and S – all powered by efficient turbo petrol and diesel engines paired with front-wheel-drive configuration (the four-wheel drive versions will be available in the second half of this year in combination with 4xe technology).
    Produced in Mexico, Brazil, China, India and now also in Italy, the Jeep Compass – supported also by the soon-to-be launched 4xe electrified version – is truly a global model. It boasts a very special bond with the EMEA region and above all with Europe. When launched here in 2017, it was the first Jeep model designed specifically for European roads. This laid solid foundations for the success of Jeep Compass: the best-selling Jeep model worldwide in 2019 and driver with Renegade of the commercial performance of the Brand in Europe, where it accounted for 40% of the annual sales volumes.

    New 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine
    The new four-cylinder 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine powering the Jeep Compass made at the FCA plant in Melfi, in the Italian region of Basilicata, is part of the new FCA Global Small Engine family, launched in mid-2018 on the Jeep Renegade.
    This engine is based on a modular structure and will be available on Jeep Compass in the four-cylinder configuration with two power outputs: 130 hp when paired with a six-speed manual transmission and 150 hp when mated to a six-speed Dual Dry Clutch Transmission (DDCT) – both with front-wheel drive. This is the first application of an automatic transmission in combination with front-wheel drive on Compass, and will make it more accessible to new customers in the C-SUV segment (sales of 4x2 automatics currently account for 28% of the market in Europe). The new 1-3-litre petrol engine complies with Euro 6D Final standards and features a GPF filter (Gasoline Particulate Filter).
    The new 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine is designed to offer outstanding performance both on and off-road, while delivering excellent driving comfort. For Compass, the 1.3-litre petrol engine has been updated with a specific turbo-matching which maximizes the engine response at low engine speed and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 27%. The new engine also optimizes fuel consumption by up to 30% (WLTP cycle) compared to the previous petrol 4x4 versions with automatic transmission.
    Jeep Compass, in combination with the new 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine and DDCT automatic transmission, also features for the first time a ‘Sport’ driving mode that can be selected with the push of a button in the center console. This dynamic driving mode adds even more fun to the daily urban drives, by tightening up the steering, sharpening the throttle response and adjusting the transmission's behavior through higher upshifts for full horsepower and torque delivery. In addition, in Sport mode, the ’sailing‘ function is blocked and the ’fast-off‘ mode is activated. When the accelerator is released, this prevents switching to a higher gear, to maximize the engine brake and optimize responsiveness in the next acceleration.
    The Global Small Engine family was developed by the FCA Group to deliver a new petrol engine offering characterized by good fuel efficiency and performance in a wide range of applications. The basic structure guarantees efficiency, modularity and a considerable degree of standardization in terms of components and manufacturing process, flexibility and potential for future development. These engines are made entirely of aluminum for lightness (weights start from 110 kilograms for the four-cylinder turbo engine). The crankcase, developed in partnership with Teksid, is made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy. After studying various crankcase designs, a bedplate architecture was chosen, as it offers the best balance of weight, structural performance, noise, and vibrations. All turbo versions in the Global Small Engine family feature the third generation of the exclusive MultiAir technology, which improves combustion efficiency by adjusting valve lift and timing, and further optimizes independent intake valve opening and closing.
    The new 130 hp 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine with manual transmission will be available on the Longitude, Night Eagle and Limited trims, while the 150 hp version with DDCT will be available also on the S trim level. Peak torque on both versions is equal to 270 Nm (up to 40 Nm more than the previous 1.4-litre petrol engine). Both engines are available with front-wheel drive.
    The Compass engine offer is completed by a 1.6-litre diesel MultiJet II with 120 hp, 320 Nm, manual gearbox, and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) available in combination with front-wheel drive.
    4xe models (those featuring plug-in hybrid electric technology) will be available with an electric motor mated to a choice of either the 190 hp and 240 hp version of the 1.3-litre Global Small Engine. These will arrive in European showrooms in the second half of this year. Both these 4xe versions will be four-wheel drive only.

    New UconnectTM Services for advanced on-board and off-board connectivity
    The Jeep Compass produced in Melfi will feature state-of-the-art connectivity in order to meet the needs of its demanding customers. First introduced in the Jeep line-up with the 2020 Renegade, the new Uconnect Services feature an array of functionalities, which are accessible through various touchpoints, including the My Uconnect mobile app, smartwatch, website, buttons on the ceiling light and radio. Available from commercial launch on Compass, the new Uconnect Services will be fitted as standard on both the 7 and 8.4-inch infotainment systems and on all trims from the Longitude upwards to offer advanced onboard and off-board connectivity and useful services for enhanced safety and comfort.
    Uconnect Services are divided into several packages. Available as a basic service, My Assistant is activated from plant, and offers emergency services in case of crash, roadside assistance services including the vehicle’s recovery and vehicle health reports. My Car, My Remote, My Navigation (only on Uconnect 8.4” navigation) packages are offered as standard services included in the vehicle price and need to be activated by the customer.
    My Car allows the driver to control the health status and the parameters of the car. My Remote offers the possibility to lock/unlock doors, flash the lights, find the vehicle, control some parameters such as speed and area and receive a notification if they are not respected. My Navigation (offered only on Uconnect 8.4” navigation) includes Send & Go service, which provides the customer the possibility to send the destination on his/her navigation system directly from his/her smartphone or from the web portal, real-time alerts on traffic, weather and speed cameras and the possibility to search Points of Interest.
    The soon-to-be launched 4xe models will also include specific features to assist electric driving. Customers can monitor the battery charge level directly from the My Uconnect mobile app, schedule charging and air conditioning, and view the nearest charging stations on the My Uconnect mobile app and Uconnect 8.4" navigation when the battery is low.
    The Uconnect Services offering is complemented by Optional services, which can be purchased on the Connectivity website. These services include the My Wi-Fi, My Theft Assistance and My Fleet Manager packages. Some of the new Uconnect Services will be available on the Jeep Compass produced in Melfi at launch, while others will be integrated at a later stage this year.

    FCA Bank’s financing solutions for the new Compass
    FCA Bank, the captive bank of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, supports the sales of Jeep vehicles by providing a broad range of financing solutions to help Customers to purchase or lease their Jeep Compass GSE. Anybody who wishes to drive the new Jeep Compass made in Melfi can opt for one of the following products:
    Instalment Loan: Traditional financing that allows the buyer to pay for the vehicle over an extended period of time; Leasing and PCP (Personal Contract Purchase): Highly flexible solutions with low monthly payments and the possibility to choose, on the contract expiration date, whether to return, keep or replace the car with a new one; Private Lease: A solution for drivers who do not want to own the vehicle, with the ensuing costs and uncertainties, involving a single monthly payment inclusive of the main insurance, assistance and infomobility services for a peace-of-mind experience. All of FCA Bank’s solutions are intended not only for individuals but also for companies and independent professionals. In addition, Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, makes available long-term car rental solutions for a totally relaxed driving experience. Moreover, FCA Bank provides a broad range of insurance products in combination with the financing contract, for both personal protection - such as Prestito Protetto, which ensures the repayment of part of the loan in case of sudden and unpredictable occurrences such as a job loss - and car protection. The financing and insurance solutions described are available in most European countries where the companies of the FCA Bank Group operate. All the structures are extremely flexible, to meet in full local requirements.

    Turin, May 14, 2020
  • FCA Italy schrieb:

    ......the four-wheel drive versions will be available in the second half of this year in combination with 4xe technology
    In der Formulierung ist gewiss Spielraum zum Interpretieren, für mich klingt das aber schon nach dem, was wir weiter schon gemutmaßt haben: Allradantrieb nur noch in Verbindung mit Hybrid. Mutig mutig.....
  • Ich würde das auch so verstehen und finde es ebenfalls mutig ausschließlich diese Kombi anzubieten.

    Man wird sehen.
    Wer sich nicht schmutzig macht, ist nicht ganz sauber ;) :thumbsup: .

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  • Toy4ever schrieb:

    Mutig mutig.....
    ... muss ja aber nicht schlecht sein. Eine Aussage zum TH habe ich allerdings nicht gesehen... vielleicht wird der ja weiterhin nach Europa "importiert" und passte daher nicht in die Überlegungen zum Produktionsstandort Melfi.

    Gruß Pete
    gesendet von Pete
    My Omaha Orange
    Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 2,0 D mit 170 PS und 9 Gangstufen Automatik, Omaha Orange, ROLA Dachkorb Sandbleche + Bergegeschirr nach Lage. Trekfinder Federn (plus 3cm), Spurplatten 5mm, AT-Reifen 225/65 R 17, Zusatzscheinwerfer vorne / hinten am Dachkorb, Reserverad "on top".

    Mein Renegade: höher gelegter Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, 2,0 D, 170 PS, Omaha Orange

  • Die aktualisierte Bedienungsanleitung gibt es schon zum Download, da wurde echt alles was mit Allrad zu tun hat und auch der 2,0 Diesel schon herausgestrichen. Das Thema scheint also wirklich durch zu sein. Dafür wird es die Trailhawk 4xe definitiv geben, das wurde schon mehrfach bestätigt.
  • EGOiST schrieb:

    Ist das dann nur Software?
    Nein, auch wenn das immer wieder bestritten wird, die Motoren unterscheiden sich. Kann man schön im Teilekatalog sehen, das ist ein Baukasten-Motor mit unterschiedlichen Konfigurationen.

    Die Frage kommt häufig, aber mal eben 170PS freischalten für lau geht nicht.
  • FCA Deutschland streicht den Diesel komplett aus dem Angebot

    Frisch aus der Presse, die Preisliste von FCA Deutschland für den Melfi-Compass. Hier wurde auch gleich der 1,6er Diesel aus dem Angebot genommen, damit ist der Compass nun das erste Modell, das zukünftig ohne Diesel-Motor auskommen muss

  • Da fehlen aber auch die Allradvarianten, rausfliegen wird der Diesel ja bei allen Modellen wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe.

    In so einem Setup wie o.a. würde ich mir sicher keinen Jeep kaufen...
    Mit so einer Konfiguration könnte es für meine Begriffe jedes X-beliebige andere Auto sein bzw. wäre das so eine reine Designentscheidung.

    Minibenziner ohne Power und Drehmoment, kein Allrad und/ oder kein 4xe...

    Aber wie immer alles Geschmackssache, meiner wäre es definitiv nicht.
    Wer sich nicht schmutzig macht, ist nicht ganz sauber ;) :thumbsup: .

    Mein Wrangler: JLU Sahara/ Overland MY 20, 2 L Benziner, T-GDI, Vollausstattung, matt schwarz foliert, SkyOne, AHK, BFG KO2 285/70 r17 auf Bawarrions; Meine Ex Jeeps: Compass Trailhawk MY 19; Renegade Limited MY15

  • 4WD schrieb:

    In so einem Setup wie o.a. würde ich mir sicher keinen Jeep kaufen...

    Dieser Meinung schliesse ich mich vollumfänglich an. Wenn die 4xe nicht absolut top werden, dann war's das mit dem Offroad unterhalb des Wranglers.

    Wrangler JLU 2.2 CRDi Rubicon MY20, schwarz, Sicherheits- und Technologie-Paket, Sky One-Touch Power Soft Top, AEV 2.5 und div. andere Spielsachen

    bis 08.2020 Compass Trailhawk MY19 in Granite Crystal, Leder-, Sound-, Park- und Premiumpaket, AT3 225/65/17, Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform
  • guten Morgen

    dann hole ich das Thema mal aus der Versenkung

    Frage : welche App sollte ich mir denn , Eurer Meinung , auf mein Handy laden wenn ich meinen Compass hole ?
    und kann ich davon ausgehen das sich der Vorbesitzer abmeldet , so wie es in den Zeilen steht , Deaktivierung der connect Dienste
    bzw. kümmert sich dann der Händler drum oder muß ich das selber machen

    Gruß Dirk


    Mein Compass: Jeep Compass Limited 4WD Auto. Bj. 20